Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A bit late in starting but...

I told myself that I had to finish the Shepherds Bush Summer Sampler that's on the floor stand before I can start this.  Two more bands and it is done!

What I did accomplish over this very hectic holiday weekend, was to get the basics whittled out on my floss colors as I will be using a combination of WDW, GAST and Crescent Colours.  I know for a fact that these colors will change as I stitch the piece and I will add some specialty stitches into it.  I'm using a 35ct linen and the plan is to do it over 1 - 'am I nuts' keeps going through my head but, hey, its all good!

See you next week when I take some thread to fabric and have an in progress picture to share.

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  1. Nothing like a new project to spur on the finish of another
    Look forward to seeing your progree