Sunday, January 4, 2015

An update from Debby

She got a bunch of unknown evenweave for a great price recently. While it's a bit lighter than 612, she still wanted to try doing some type of overdye process to use on the sampler. She got some spray fabric dye in blue, tested it and then went for it. It turned a rather purple color on the fabric and she's not sure if it's the color of the fabric or the unknown fiber content, but we think it looks good - interesting anyway.

She's hoping to go through her over dye threads and find colors for all or at least some of the colors used in Part 1. She's going to try to use stash as much as she can, so color changes may be a frequent activity throughout the year's work on this sampler!!! What fun - She doesn't normally do things like this.
But I think it is very creative,
Good luck Debby and looking for more of your progress

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