Thursday, January 15, 2015

Progress on Serenity Harbor, Pt 1

I'm not stitching this very fast, but I have started and am liking how it's coming out so far.

Donna posted a picture of my attempt at hand dying my own linen a while back and I'm happy with the result and am going with that piece of even weave. It's 36 count, "mystery" fabric and has been great to work with so far.

I'm changing the colors to over dyed thread, starting with what I have in stash. I know I'll want to keep the border colors consistent and I'm sure I'll need to order more. For the rest of the piece, I'm going to wait and see. I so very rarely change colors in anything I stitch - unless it's a monochrome design - and this is way out of my comfort zone! But I think it's going to be fun.

Here's my progress as of today. The flowers are Gentle Arts Hyacinth, DMC 209 and Gentle Arts Highland Heather. The leaves and vine are Weeks Collards, Weeks Loden and Weeks Kudzu. For the sun, I do have 2 shades of over dye and they show up in some spots and not so much in others - using Gentle Arts Butternut Squash and Weeks Honey Suckle. I did not finish the "inside" rays as I'll do them all as one when the next part comes out.
Sorry about the "hanging thread", that's where I left off yesterday and will pick up again today!

Thank you, Donna, I think I'm going to really love this piece and am hoping that as the year goes on, I'm able to keep up with all the parts!!!

Debby in CO


  1. I love that you changed the flowers to go with the fabric, looks beautiful, sometimes its nice to get out of out comfort zone, you are doing great with all of the changes, I cant wait to see more