Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Part 2 Completed

Here is part 2 finished. I had a bit of trouble with the arch but all in all I think it turned out well. I had used only 1 thread but changed it to using 2 and I don't think it is too heavy. What do you all think?

The picture is showing my shadows darker then they are on the clouds because I used 2 strands on the white and then only 1 on the secondary colors in the clouds - so it is casting a bit heavy of a shadow


  1. Gidget, I think your arc looks very nice. It's definitely not too thick. And I think the texture you've created in the clouds is a great idea. I like the shadow effect. What fabric and count are you using?

    1. I am using 16 count aida cloth. Thanks for your comment, nice to hear what others think, gives a person some encouragement. :-)