Monday, September 7, 2015

The short fabric fix is here !!!

Good Day
Here is my note detailing the short fabric dilemma
This is a note for all, we have had a problem for some stitchers……. their fabric might not be long enough for the finished design. It was mentioned on Facebook that I gave the cutting dimensions for the fabric to be cut and I did not…….I did agree though that a piece of 32ct linen cut with a length of 40.5 inches  being stitched over (2)  should be enough fabric with 5.7 inches extra and that is just short of 3 inches.
I did give the design area dimensions for all stitch counts on the floss supply list that you received when you started the project. It was up to the person cutting your fabric to decide on a cut size.
The problem seems to be with fabric that was from Fabric Flair but this could happen to other fabrics also. With this said the only conclusion I have come to is that the fabric might state 32 threads to the inch when in fact it does not have 32 threads in an inch …..Even only 1 thread short for every inch would make the fabric size off with such a large design.
I did contact Fabric Flair Aug 21st and was told they would get back to me and I have not received anything as of today.
So I am making sure that whoever this has happened to will still be able to finish the design and not have to start again….that would be terrible…… I have redesigned the bottom of the sampler.
Here is the first alternative
This one has 24 stitches less than the original (original ct is 557)
Stitch Count: 533……..  
·        take 557 (original)div by 16 if using 32ct fabric =34.8 inches
·         Take 533 (new #1) div by 16…………….…………….=33.3 inches
·         You will save 1.5 inches

This is the second Alternative
This one has 41 stitches less that the original. (Original ct is 557)
Stitch count: 516……..
·         take 516 div by 16 if using 32ct fabric =32.25 inches
·         You will  save 2.55 inches (from the original)
Since I have designed these to fix a fabric mistake and since more people would like to stitch an alternative other than just the people that have short fabric…..I will not be collecting names but offering them to everyone, ..... they will be available as a PDF ………….I will not be printing them.
I will have a link on the Serenity Harbor Blogs for the files when the time arrives for their release.

If you are a shop owner and your customers are interested please refer them to the blog/blogs for the files that they can print, 
There will still be sec 11 and 12 for the first alternative and for the second alternative there will only be a section #11.
Even though creating two new design alternatives has involved several additional design hours and pulling my hair out (hopefully just the grey ones) there is no additional charge should you decide to print a PDF alternative section. The project price will remain at $72.00, even if you choose to print off section 11 and 12 you are still responsible for the original price. 
I hope this will address any issues that may exist. Bless you all!! And Happy Labor Day


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