Monday, January 12, 2015

First part Done!!

I think I have veered away from the original colors only in so much that I chose darker shades then listed. I love the richness in the colors. I am stitiching on 18 count aida - cause my eyes would never see the smaller linens.

These ones I purchased online from ebay and they are all hand dyed and I just love the variations in them.

As you can see I did not complete the suns rays yet but I am gonna leave that till the next month. Also, since I do have trouble seeing the smaller parts and counting over the squares, I like to use a mechanical pencil and draw over the squares I need for the different sections. I erase the lines after I finish the areas. You can see a bit of these lines on the aida that I have added for the rays of the sun.
Now, I am so looking forward to the next part.........